Best Movies To Watch In 2018 Online

  As a rule, when compiling a rating of the best films of 2018, you have to pay attention to the so-called “external factors”: the popularity of the film in the world and on our platform, the opinions of critics, the prevalence of the genre or the popularity of the creators of the tape among users of our online television service (after all, I still want to make the most interesting and resonating top). We also decided to take into account the quality of the films, including the level of their scenario basis, which should be as strong in a decent top film as the picture with acting. Therefore, in the list you will not find some very sensational names in one direction or another - but you will find their more worthy analogues, in our opinion.

  The main thing is that every second of the picture work, clings in one way or another, does not allow you to tear yourself away from the screen and see the time on the phone. This is the only criterion by which we selected films in our top.

  That is why we invite you to watch the most interesting and exciting movies of 2018 according to the Polish TV Company platform.

Our TOP 5 of the best films in 2018 

1. Skate Kitchen 

Banner of the film Skate Kitchen

  Skate Kitchen is the 2018 American drama film Crystal Mozell about skate girls from New York. This is the first full-length feature film by Mosell, although she had previously shot documentaries and shorts. The plot focuses on Camilla, whom her mother begs to never get on a skateboard again. But the girl’s injury is considered a rite of passage to the team of skateboarders called Skate Kitchen, with whom she spends all her free time. To get on the board, stumble, fall and get up again already in the blood of these girls, who are famously driving around the winding slopes of a skate park, crowded with pretty skateboarders. Tricks of girls become more and more courageous when they go to the streets of Manhattan, where they turn car parks and shopping centers into personal skate platforms.

2. Black Panther 

Banner of the film black panther

  Black Panther is the story of a character named T’Challa. The film begins where the events of the blockbuster "Captain America: Civil War" end. T’Challa returns home to lead the isolated but technologically advanced African kingdom of Wakanda. When his old enemy appears on the horizon, T’Challa’s power and incredible abilities are tested - during the conflict, the fate of the kingdom of Wakanda and the whole world is at stake. T’Challa dad king dies, and he must return home to take matters, and ends up in a jar with spiders: it’s restless at court, and external enemies are not asleep. So there will be a lot of work, and the responsibility for the new king will fall enormous.

3. Mission Impossible - Fallout

Banner of the film Mission Impossible - Fallout

  Christopher McQuarrie and Tom Cruise, with Valkyrie, make the movie they like: as entertaining and creative as psychologically truthful, realistic if not in the scope of the action scenes themselves, then in the fine details of their production, choreography and the consequences. In the finale, he must do everything himself - through “I can’t”, through the failure of all systems of both the helicopter and Hunt himself, in a situation that emphasizes the second word in the name of the franchise, which even the first, brilliant “Mission Impossible” did not Brian De Palma. Moreover, at the very end, McQuarrie takes an even more fantastic leap of imagination and for the first time in the history of blockbusters tears us away from the hero, shows his family and friends, who in this situation have no choice but to rely on their knowledge of Hunt's character, his stubbornness and determination, literally the sense of superhuman ability to do what circumstances require. In order to show this “over”, it was first necessary to make a person out of the hero of the fighters.

4. Annihilation

Banner of the film Annihilation

  "Annihilation" is an epic opus about the inexplicable desire of mankind for self-destruction, shown by Garland at the same time too literally and exaggerated and, at the same time, insanely confused. The film shines with metaphors, scares and impresses with the same images, aesthetics, each fragment trying to hurt the viewer at some inexplicable meta-level. A strong project with a strong caste (Natalie Portman, Oscar Isaac, Tessa Thompson and Jennifer Jason Lee), which is difficult to talk and write about because it is almost impossible to convey what you have seen with words. This is the main science fiction film of the year, the discussion of which did not stop, probably for several months.

5. You Were Never Really Here 

Banner of the film You Were Never Really Here

  Plunging into the dark world of violence and its traumatic past, the hero of the film repeats the question: “What are we doing?”. Former military Joe lives with his old mother and works as a self-employed killer. He is one of those who do not need a gun to destroy a dozen people in a row. Joe's main weapon is a hammer and a silent, almost uncontrollable rage. Between the dirty work and filial cares, Joe thinks about suicide. He is still haunted by the voice of a tyrant father who turned his childhood into hell. A new task allows Joe to face hell in reality: he is instructed to infiltrate a children's brothel. It contains the abducted daughter of Senator Nina, for the release of which his father is ready to pay a large sum. Joe fulfills the task quickly and mercilessly. The unfortunate girl for the first time in a long time is in the hands of a man who will not harm her. Joe is waiting for the appointed hour to pass Nina to her father. Meanwhile, the news reports that the senator jumped out of the window.


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