We are happy to announce that we are offering now several free TV Services! We’ve analyzed the reviews of our customers and picked for you the brightest channels to give them a try. News, Sports, Channels for Children and many more. Check out now and join us for free!

People watching Ukrainian TV online free of charge

Free Ukrainian TV streaming: we provide personalized Ukrainian TV Online for everyone

Please, meet our Free Service Plan of Ukrainian TV. Why wasting more time? Try our exclusive offer right now!

What are the main benefits of Ukrainian TV Company?

Besides the vast TV content, Ukrainian TV Company has something special for you:

  • Live or delayed streaming from the TV archive
  • Multi-device feature: install Ukrainian TV on TV-set, computer, laptop or smartphone
  • Multi-room feature for the whole family: watch simultaneously different TV series and programs on several devices
  • Ukrainian TV App for Samsung Smart TV

*These benefits are available for paid subscribers only.

You think it’s all? - No!

We offer subscription plans with unlimited access to 60+ TV channels and a vast movie library.

How to watch Ukrainian TV online?

  1. Make sure you have a regular Internet connection on your preferred device
  2. Subscribe to one of Ukrainian TV Company Service Plans
  3. Set up our TV-Box for your home screen or download our Ukrainian TV App on Samsung Smart TV
  4. Enjoy watching Ukrainian TV online

Need more information? - Check out our "How to" page or call our Technical Support.

We at Ukrainian TV Company are working for a great personalized experience of each our customer. Join us for free now and learn about or Service!

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