Every person, who lives abroad, will ask himself one day - where to watch the national news, programs, and shows. You can watch them on national TV channels which are a part of the TV world. With national TV channels, you can watch favorite TV programs and movies as well as the latest news. Watching of national TV channels has a special meaning when you are living abroad as it helps you to connect with your motherland.

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Ukraine has a wide range of television networks, which offer a variety of content - news, documentaries, TV-shows, movies, sports events, etc. We picked up for you a set of the most popular Ukrainian TV channels with different content.

UA: First

It’s the main national TV channel in Ukraine. Its’ programs are oriented to all levels of Ukrainian society and national minorities. Among priority directions of the network are information, popular science, culture, entertainment, and sports. Also, the TV channel broadcasts the main news and enlights important national events in live streaming.


It’s the most-watched TV channel in Ukraine. The channel broadcasts the in-house authors' programs, documentaries, TV-shows, and movies as well as its own musical projects and broadcasts of sports events.


The channel provides content for all the family starting from news and sports events to cartoons and entertainment TV shows. Also, you can watch reality and dating shows, talent shows, scripted realities, TV series, sitcoms, documentaries and sports programs, original programs and information broadcasting.


National Ukrainian TV channel provides mostly news and talk-shows, which allow getting to know about the latest affairs from Ukraine. The main content of the channel consists of TV shows, films and TV series, both domestic and foreign.

Novyi Kanal

The TV channel is mostly oriented to the young generation and millennials. Content of the channels includes dozens of entertainment TV shows, movies, cartoons, and TV series. Actually, Novyi Kanal is one of the best broadcasters of entertaining content in Ukraine.


This popular TV channel provides educational content and news, as well as entertainment content such as TV-shows, Ukrainian and foreign movies, and TV-series. There are a lot of entertaining programs on-air, reality-shows and talk-shows.


The TV channel is strongly concentrated on informational and documentary content. Moreover, the channel has formed its own special cycle of journalistic and analytical projects that acquaint viewers with various aspects of public life during the week. ICTV also creates a series of original documentaries, which highlight the most important events in Ukraine.

Another important question is - how to watch Ukrainian national TV channels abroad?

One of the most convenient ways to access Ukrainian TV channels abroad is online TV. You can use various services such as Ukrainian TV Company, which allows you to watch national TV channels and programs in live and delayed streaming of movies in the video library. The company offers several subscription packages with different features, from which you can choose suitable for you. So, even living abroad you will not miss important news, your favorite TV shows or movies from the homeland.