Last month, we carried out a survey to find out about the quality of our TV service. We received 500 forms, read every comment, and made up a list of the main defects. But there was a positive moment as well: subscribers of ‘Family’ and ‘Premium’ TV plans often mentioned about ‘Multiroom’ feature which allows watching Ukrainian channels on several devices at once. Some users shared their experience and we decided to publish these stories along with a detailed information about the wonderful ‘Multiroom’ feature.

Ivan Kolisnichenko, 31 y.o., New York

“By the end of 2015, we finally moved from our flat in Brooklyn to a suburban area. Our house is pretty spacious and we had to buy two more TV sets: one for our children’s bedroom and another one for me and my wife. We use ‘Multiroom’ every evening because Olya will never miss her favorite series and kids keep zapping all 80 channels in ‘Premium’ TV plan. Well, let the people have their time while I can lean back in my chair and watch Ukrainian news in the living room. This feeling will never compare to the times when the whole family sat around old TV and the youngest (me) would have to get up and switch the channel on the inbuilt panel.”

Maria Lukyanova, 46 y.o., Seattle
“My sister often brings her two sons for a weekend while she’s gone on business. The boys are only six and seven years old, but so quick on the uptake: they know the way with every modern gadget and understand the technologies way better than their aunt. I’ve been watching Ukrainian TV Online for a year and had never used the ‘Multiroom’ feature until boys discovered it for me: they turned on two different channels on my TV and their tablet at the same time. So great! I keep cooking with ‘Hell’s kitchen’ while my nephews enjoy cartoons in Ukrainian. Peace and quiet, true idyll!”

Taras Yankovets, 35 y.o., Boston
“I remember how we celebrated Christmas last year: all our relatives came over, neighbors, friends with their wives and kids. Someone even brought his dog because there was nobody to look after it. In Ukraine, we say ‘Повна хата народу” (Full house) and everybody must enjoy the holy feast. So, it was when my guests opened another bottle of wine and the children came from outside all covered with snow when I understood that ‘Multiroom’ feature was right to the point. We celebrated the First star with Ukrainian songs while kids upstairs were watching ‘The Night before Christmas’ in HD. I love our religious holidays and online TV.”

Useful information about MULTIROOM:

  • Featured in all TV-subscriptions and is ready for immediate use without additional settings:
     - Family plan works on two devices (see Maria’s example);
     - Premium plan works on three devices (see Taras’ example);

  • Supported on all compatible devices:
     - Media player for TV-sets (order in our online store);
     - Web-browser plug-in for smart devices;


Watch online-TV on Android devices. Detailed setup and screenshots here.

All devices in ‘Multiroom’ mode must be connected to the same network (same WI-FI router);

Each connected device consumes extra Internet speed. In order to keep quality and flawless streaming, we recommend the following parameters of bandwidth capacity:


Number of devices

Channels in Standard definition (SD)

Channels in High definition (HD)


2.5 Mbit/s

8 Mbit/s


5 Mbit/s

16 Mbit/s


7.5 Mbit/s;

24 Mbit/s

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