Television in Ukraine has changed a lot in recent years - new channels are emerging, and on-demand television is becoming increasingly widespread. Watching your favorite channels online is getting more comfortable and cheaper. Despite the fact that virtually any content you can find on the Internet, Ukrainians continue to actively watch TV. Recent studies have shown which channels we choose most often.

Ukrainian channels

In the first place was channel 1+1. In March 2019, the Center for Social and Marketing Research Sotsis released the result of a poll that I believe is the most trusted news in 1 + 1 Ukrainians. 45.2% of viewers consider TSN to be the best source of information.

The second place is taken by the Direct news channel. But third, fourth and fifth places are occupied by StarlightMedia's channels - ICTV, STB, and The New Channel. The STB channel also precedes the number of online views.

By the way, recently, viewers are increasingly benefiting from watching their favorite channels online. There are at least several reasons for this. First, the quality of broadcasting on the Internet can be substantially better. In addition, given the problems with satellite TV and channel coding, watching online Ukrainian channels online is the only way out.

In addition to news and political content, Ukrainians enjoy watching comedy and tragic comedy. Next come the melodies and dramas, adventures, fighters, fantasy, thrillers, fairy tales, mysticism, and cartoons. About 22% of Ukrainians have no particular preference for the shows, programs, and movies they watch.

Another favorite of the views is, of course, football. There are hundreds and thousands of fans watching sports on TV. Most of them admit that they love watching football not only through the game itself but also through emotions.

And which button on the remote do you most often choose?